Tie-Down, 6' Cam 900 lbs, 4 Pack

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KEEPER® Cam Buckle Tie-Downsare the perfect alternative to rope, twine, and other less efficient methods of securing cargo. The cam buckle is convenient and easy to use and includes a quick-release thumb button, eliminating the need to spend time tying and untying unreliable knots. The performance engineered cam buckle teeth grip KEEPER® 6' x 1" Hi-Test® webbing, ensures the buckle will never slip or prematurely destroy the webbing. Cam buckles work in conjunction with compact, vinyl-coated S-Hooks that retain their durability even under the most demanding conditions. With a 300 lbs. working load limit and 900 lb. break strength, KEEPER® Cam Buckle Tie-Downs are ideal for securing smaller loads. Available in a 4 Pack.