Tie-Down, 16' Ratchet 3,000lbs J-Hks&D-Ring

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KEEPER® 16' x 1" Ratchet Tie-Down with Double J-Hooks is ideal for commercial cargo management. With a 1,000 lb. working load limit capacity and 3,000 lb. break strength, this product is perfect for applications such as bundling pipes or lumber to truck racks. The compact, steel double J-Hooks attach to anchor points or loop back to an included D-Ring, making it versatile and easy-to-use. KEEPER® Hi-Test® webbing is designed to perform under the most demanding conditions. Safety comes first, with a spring-loaded release ensuring no accidental opening. KEEPER® 16' Ratchet Tie-Down with Double J-Hooks is your best solution for all your cargo management needs.