Keeper 12' x 1" All Purpose RealTree® Blaze Camo Ratchet Tie-Down

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KEEPER® Ratchet Tie-Downs are engineered to provide a safe, efficient alternative to rope and other methods of securing cargo for transport. The 12' x 1"" tie-downs has a 500 lbs. working load limit and 1,500 lbs. break strength making them perfect for everyday solution to secure smaller loads. Designed for the most demanding and unpredictable conditions, ratchet tie-downs are ideal because they maximize tension. Large, vinyl-coated S-hooks are protected from rust and wear, and the Real Tree® print webbing resists rot and abrasion so the tie-down retains its durability and remains reliable every time you need it. The ergonomic mini pistol Diamond Grip™ handle ratchets have a spring-loaded release ensures that the ratchet will never open accidentally, so safety always comes first. KEEPER® is the perfect solution for all your cargo management needs. Available in a 4 pack.