Keeper KT3000 Electric Winch

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The Keeper KT3000 Electric Winch is designed with tough terrain and off-roading situations in mind. This unit provides power, versatility, and durability that is essential for all UTV/ATV users, trailers and even portable winch applications. The winch features a 1.7 HP 12V DC permanent magnet motor, mechanical and dynamic full load brake and a 3,000 lbs. single line pull rating. Equipped with a cam activated free-spool clutch that allows for easy and quick disengage of the drum and withdraw as much rope as needed. It also includes 3-stage, full-metal planetary gear train, case-hardened gears, mounting plate and a handlebar mounted mini rocker switch w/ mounting bracket for ease of removal and use as a handheld remote, a load doubling pulley block and a flatbed mounting plate making this a truly all-purpose winch.

Winch Specifications
Typical Application ATV/UTV
Rope Style Galvanized Wire Rope
Rope Length 50 ft
Clutch Type Cam Activated
Line Speed 30 ft/min
Amp Draw 215 amps
Duty Cycle 2 minutes full load followed by 15 minute cool down
Mounting Pattern 4.88" x 3.25"
Customer Service Info 1-800-533-7372
Accessories Included Mini Rocker Switch for Hand Held Remote (KTA14104); ATV Roller Fairlead (KTA14115); Pulley Block Assembly 8,000 lbs. (KTA15120); Flat Plate Mount (KTA502); ;
Suggested Accessories Lighted Hand Held Remote Switch w/ Pigtail, 15’ cord & 5’ pigtail w/ hole socket (KTA14103); Bow Shackle ¾” (KWA14617); Wireless Remote Switch (KTA14125); Wiring Kit 6 AWG Wire @25’ & 6’ w/Quick Connect (KTA14128); ;
Replacement Parts Replacement Switching Solenoid (KTA14113); Galvanized Wire Rope 50’ x 3/16” Dia. (KTA14119); ;
ETL Approved N/A