KT, Winch, 3000 lb. 12VDC, WR, Roller Fairlead, MT Plate,PB

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The KT3000 is Ideal for UTV/ATV, Vehicle Trailers, and General Portable Winch Applications. It is Packed with Features Essential for Efficient and Reliable Operation. 1.45 HP 12V DC Permanent Magnet Motor, Mechanical and Dynamic Full Load Brake, 50 ft. L x 3/16 in. diameter Galvanized Wire Rope with Looped Thimble and Clevis Hook with Safety Latch, Cam Activated Free-Spool Clutch, Three Stage Full Metal Planetary Gear Train, Case Hardened Gears, Heavy Duty 4-Way Roller Fairlead, mounting plate, Handle bar mounted mini rocker switch with a unique mounting bracket that allows for removal and use as a hand held remote. Power In / Power Out Operation. 3,000 lbs. of Pulling Power (Single Line Rated).

Winch Specifications
Typical Application ATV/UTV
Rope Style Galvanized Wire Rope
Rope Length 50 ft
Clutch Type Cam Activated
Line Speed 30 ft/min
Amp Draw 215 amps
Duty Cycle 2 minutes full load followed by 15 minute cool down
Mounting Pattern 4.88" x 3.25"
Customer Service Info 1-800-533-7372
Accessories Included Mini Rocker Switch for Hand Held Remote (KTA14104); ATV Roller Fairlead (KTA14115); Pulley Block Assembly 8,000 lbs. (KTA15120); Flat Plate Mount (KTA502); ;
Suggested Accessories Lighted Hand Held Remote Switch w/ Pigtail, 15’ cord & 5’ pigtail w/ hole socket (KTA14103); Bow Shackle ¾” (KWA14617); Wireless Remote Switch (KTA14125); Wiring Kit 6 AWG Wire @25’ & 6’ w/Quick Connect (KTA14128); ;
Replacement Parts Replacement Switching Solenoid (KTA14113); Galvanized Wire Rope 50’ x 3/16” Dia. (KTA14119); ;
ETL Approved N/A