Keeper KU3.5 Utility Winch

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The Keeper KU3.5 is a high-performance utility winch that provides power, versatility, and durability essential for utility application users. The winch features a highly efficient 1.2 HP 12V DC motor, automatic full load holding break for safety and a 3,500 lbs. single line pull. It is equipped with a three-stage planetary gear train for fast line speed, a handheld remote control for power in/out control and a high intensity LED work light.

Winch Specifications
Typical Application Utility
Rope Style Galvanized Wire Rope
Rope Length 60 ft
Clutch Type Cam Activated
Line Speed 22 ft/min
Amp Draw 140 amps
Mounting Pattern 2.5" x 3.0"
Customer Service Info 1-800-533-7372
Accessories Included Roller Fairlead and KTA503 Flat Mount Plate (KTA14114); Pulley Block Assembly 8,000 lbs. (KTA15120); Flat Mount Plate (KTA503); Hand Held Lighted Remote on 15’ Lead (KWA14122); 12,000lb Pulley Block (KWA14512);
Suggested Accessories Wireless Remote Switch (KTA14126); Wiring Kit 6 AWG @ 25’ & 6’ w/ Quick Connect (KTA14128); 2” Receiver Mount Hitch (KTA14131); Bow Shackle ¾” (KWA14617);
Replacement Parts Replacement Switching Solenoid (KTA14113)
ETL Approved N/A