Winch Accessories

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02806 ATV Winch Kit, Storage Case ATV Winch Kit, Storage Case
KTA14125 Wireless Remote Switch for KT3000 Wireless Remote Switch w/for KT2500/KT3000
KTA14126 Wireless Remote for KT4000, Al lKW ,KU & KV Models Wireless Remote Switch for ALLKU, KV, KW Series Winches and KT4000
KTA14127 Quick Connect 6 Gauge Quick Connect for 6 AWG Wire
KTA14128 Trailer Wiring Kit 6 AWG Wiring Kit 6 AWG Wire @ 25' & 6' w/Quick Connect for KT2500/3000, KT4000 and KU series Winches
KTA14131 Portable Winch Mount 2"Receiver 2" Receiver Hitch Mount. Mounting plate not included.
KTA15120 Pulley Block 8K Capacity Pulley Block Assembly, 8000 lb capacity
KTA200 Medium Frame Winch Cover
KTA300MD General Purpose Rigging Kit
KTA301HD Heavy Duty Rigging Kit
KWA011 KW Series Mounting Plate Flat Bed Mounting Plate, Fits all KW Winches with 10" x 4.5" Footprint
KWA101 Large Winch Cradle Large Winch Cradle, fits Class III receiver and winches through KW13.5
KWA14512 Pulley Block with Hook, 12,000 lbs Capacity Pulley Block Assembly, 12,000 lbs. Capacity, for Winches up through 6,000 lbs.
KWA14550 Pulley Block Assembly, 20,000lbs capacity Pulley Block Assembly, 20,000 lbs capacity
KWA14560 Electrical Quick Connect for 2 - 4 GA Wire, New Quick Connect for 2 - 4 AWG Wire
KWA14607 Wiring Kit Trailer, 2 AWG Wire@25'&6'w/Quick Connect KW Wiring Kit, Trailer, 2 AWG Wire @ 25' & 6' w/Quick Connect for KW Series
KWA14617 Bow Shackle 3/4" 42,000lbs proof Bow Shackle 3/4"
KWA14618 Bow Shackle, 3/4", 4-1/2 ton with Molded Isolator Bow Shackle, 3/4", 4-3/4 ton with Molded Isolator
KWA14622 Large Winch Mounting Plate KV, KW9.5, KW13.5, KW17.5 Heavy Duty Flat Bed Winch Mounting Plate fits KW 17.5, KW13.5, KW9.5
KWA14650 Pulley Block rated at 36,000 lbs. Pulley Block Assembly, 36,000 lb capacity
KWA201 Large Frame Winch Cover
KWA400ALL Winch Safety Blanket