Winch Replacement Parts

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KAC15111 KAC1500 replacement Motor Brushes, Set of 2 w/holders Replacement Brush Set for KAC15042
KTA14101 Replacement Part, Hand Held Switch for KT2000 Hand Held Switch for KT2000
KTA14103 LightedHandHeldRemoteSwitch,15'Cord&5'pigtailw/7hole socket Lighted Hand Held Remote Switch w/Pigtail, 15' Cord & 5' pigtail w/7 hole socket-KT2500/3000
KTA14104 Mini Rocker Switch (KT2500/KT3000) Mini Rocker Switch for Hand Held Remote (KT2500/KT3000, KT4000)
KTA14113 Switching Solenoid (KT2500, KT3000(S), KT4000(S), KU Models Replacement Switching Soleniod for KT2500, KT3000, & KT4000 and all KU Series Winches
KTA14114 Winch Access, Roller Fairlead for KT4000 & KU Series Winches Roller Fairlead for KT4000 and all KU series winches, fits KTA503 Flat Mount Plate
KTA14115 ATV Roller Fairlead (KT2000, KM2000, KT3000, KTA502) ATV Roller Fairlead for KT2000/KT2500/KT3000, fits KTA502 Flat Mount Plate
KTA14118 Wire Rope w/hook 5/32" X 50' for KT2000, KM2000 Wire Rope 50' x 5/32" for KT2000
KTA14119 Wire Rope 3/16"x 50' Wire Rope 50' x 3/16" for KT2500 & KT3000
KTA14120 Wire Rope 7/32"x 55' Wire Rope 7/32" x 55' for KT4000
KTA14123 Seven Pin Plug w /5' pig tail Seven Pin Plug w /5' pig tail
KTA14129 Circuit Breaker KT2000 Circuit Breaker for KT2000
KTA502 Flat Mount Plate KT2000-KT3000 Flat Mount Plate for KT2000/KT2500/KT3000
KTA503 Flat Mount Plate KT4000 Flat Mount Plate for KT4000
KWA14001 Hitch Bar for KW7.5 (KW75122RM) Hitch Bar for KW7.5RM (KW75122RM)
KWA14020 Mounting Plate for KW7.5RM (KW75122RM) Mounting Plate for KW7.5RM (KW75122RM)
KWA14122 Handheld Lighted Switch on 15' Lead Hand Held Lighted Remote Only on 15' lead
KWA14510 Roller Fairlead fits KW9.5, KW13.5, KW17.5 Roller Fairlead fits KW9.5, KW13.5, KW17.5 and KV Series Winches
KWA14520 Wire Rope, 100'of 21/64ths Wire Rope, 100' of 21/64ths
KWA14605 Switching Solenoid, fits KV & KW Series Winches Replacement Switching Solenoid, fits KW Series Winches
KWR17036 Short Harness Socket w/Cover, for all KU, KV, & KW's